Potpourri of post-quake crimes contradicts foreign media's reporting of placid Japanese

Following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, Japanese in the disaster-stricken areas were praised in the foreign media for their sang froid and sense of decorum. Unfortunately, reports Shukan Gendai (Nov 26), not everyone was so noble. In fact, crimes did occur. We know this because the culprits have been apprehended and prosecuted for their misdeeds. The following are just a few of the cases introduced in the article.

In late March, a group of six young males set off in Sendai’s Wakabayashi-ku around three in the morning. Holding flashlights, they broke into an abandoned two-story residential building in an area that had been hit by the tsunami. In addition to 12,000 yen in cash, they made off with a TV set, snowboard, and other items that could be easily sold for cash.

The thieves, realizing their car had been spotted by a neighborhood patrol traveling in the opposite direction, attempted to discard their booty by throwing it from the car window. It was later learned that the leader himself had lost his home to the disaster and his family members had been dispersed to various evacuation centers.

“As a victim yourself, surely you must have known what it felt like,” the prosecutor chided him. “As the oldest in the group, you could have discouraged the others.”

“To be frank, I didn’t think about other victims,” he is said to have responded. “I was living all by myself and felt that it would be nice to have a TV to watch. I’m sorry.”

Last July, the trial convened in the Sendai District Court, in which three men were prosecuted for stealing electric power cables and fixtures. According to the charges, following the destructive tsunami, the men had knocked down utility poles along the coast near Ishinomaki City, and made off with sections of cable and several small power transformers.

Anticipating a rise in the price of copper, they had planned to sell their booty to scrap dealers. To avoid being spotted, they wore clothes resembling the volunteers who were beginning to merge on the area. Their mistake was to be out stealing cables at 5 a.m.—a time when real volunteers were still in the sack. A policeman caught them red-handed.

“Since there were so many people involved in cleaning up the rubble, we thought the police wouldn’t take any notice,” the 66-year-old felon was quoted as saying.

Ishinomaki accounted for nearly one fourth of the total fatalities, and the court was disinclined to show leniency. The man was sentenced to four years in prison.

Another crime that occurred soon after the disaster was a variation of the old “it’s me, send money” scam. Around March 18, a 45-year-old man in Tokyo, claiming to be a tsunami victim, contacted some 40,000 people via the Internet under his real name asking for donations. Despite his piteous pleas, not a single person appears to have taken the bait.

Around the beginning of April, a Tokyo man, upset over rumors that the capital would be hit by a major aftershock, became so anxiety ridden he was afraid to sleep at night. To prevent drowsiness, he obtained some stimulant drugs, which he injected. The drug served its purpose of keeping him alert, but no aftershock occurred. However, a policeman noticed the man behaving suspiciously on the street near Shinjuku’s Kabukicho entertainment zone, and attempted to question him. Suspecting stimulant abuse, the officers requested the man to voluntarily give a urine sample, but he refused, and they wound up pinning him down on a table while attaching a catheter to his urethra and extracting the specimen by force. It tested positive for drugs.

The man’s defense at the trial was that he had begun taking the stimulants out of “anxieties caused by the aftershocks.”

But a veteran judge, noting his record of prior abuse, said to him, “It seems you always claim some special reason every time you take drugs.”

14:47 11-03-2011 去年の3月11日なにしてた 船長の右側を航行しない理由は、私は、思ったか?そして地震の時、場所および強度を予測する技術を思い付いた。

 earthquake, tsunami TOHOKU
 - prediction CMP TRON

February 4, 1975 in Liaoning Province, China was a strong earthquake. Until then, residents have noticed on the serpent, who woke up in the middle of winter and crawl out of their nests. To many it seemed strange that the snake fled their homes, and people began to leave, too. The earthquake destroyed 90% of homes, but people have died very little. In Chile, before the earthquake in 1835 in the city Talkuano, all the dogs left the city. With the explosion of the volcano of Mont Pelee on the island of Martinique in 1902 killed 30,000 people, residents of Saint-Pierre, and only a few dogs and cats that have been linked. Seismic feelings of animals are different. A small aquarium fish "Elephant of the Nile" for 4 days feels the date of the earthquake. Caretaker crocodile nursery in Japan knows that the radius of the sensitivity of the crocodiles - 150 km. Among dogs, the most sensitive species and miniature poodles and Akita. Among large mammals, bears a good feel an earthquake.

Today, technology forecasting earthquakes are based on data about the state of the earth's crust or on the basis of changes in the geomagnetic field of Earth. The development of these technologies have already spent a lot of money, but get them from an effective model for medium-and short-term earthquake prediction model failed.

 TRON technology has other principles. Its basis: Internet users collect data on the behavior of domestic and wild animals, birds, fish and animals in the earthquake-prone areas. Further work algorithms nucleus into account, along with the structure of mathematical data processing, engineering, and social adjustment (analog: technology, "Crypta" engine Yandex). It allows for mathematical and statistical analysis of earthquake prediction in real time to predict the exact date, the strength and epicenter of earthquakes.

TRON applications, they can provide data on themselves as social services, and using plug-ins to other sites. Families living in earthquake-prone areas, to adjust their plans need to be informed about the occurrence of earthquake prediction. Also, this information will be useful to visitors from other regions such as reduces the likelihood of risk to be in the earthquake. It is possible that among municipal and state employees, a site with a probabilistic forecast of the date, strength, and the epicenter of future earthquake will cause some interest. Using TRON reduces casualties among people at 89.3%, reduces the economic consequences of earthquakes by 31.4% and increases the effectiveness of preventive measures at 40.4%.TRON technology is designed to predict in real-time date, power, and the earthquake's epicenter. For mathematical and statistical analysis using a single database (DB) on the behavior of poultry, fish and animals, is filled with Internet users. Information to process the database is available directly on the site as TRON, and users of social networking and Internet services (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) from the earthquake-prone areas. With the help of special API (application programming interface) 

PS  For example, integration with services such as Yahoo Japan 芦 禄 in Japan, 芦 禄 Baidu and 芦 Panguso 禄 in China, 芦 Google + 禄 and Facebook 芦 禄 in America, New Zealand and Australia, allow time for the necessary amount of information and begin to forecast TRON within a month. Why the Japanese government does not make this technology? - Maybe because I men  ? The author (ainu Russia) does not know. Ask yourself from them. Japanese Consulate in Vladivostok, the NHC office in Vladivostok, corporation Yahoo Japan, declined to discuss the technology. Such an attitude toward people in Russian is called "PIZDA". In English: "MONDAy white shoes".

14:18 仕事がちょうど終わって、バイパス付近を自転車で横断してたらタイヤがパンクしたと思って歩道に止まったらすごい地震を体感して…首都高の街灯が左右に凄い勢いでしなっていた#去年の3月11日なにしてた

去年の3月11日なにしてた VICTIMS MAY BE LESS


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